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Hey everybody

Hi folks. My name is Mike. I just recently turned 24. Im unemployed. I lost my job in December. I wasnt really too concerned about it at the time. The job i lost i was workin approx 80 hours a week on top of attending college. So at first i thought hey this will be sweet. I can enjoy a staycation for a week or two and then buckle down and find a job. Ive never had a problem finding a job in the past and ive always been a hard and reliable worker. However it would seem i underestimated the job market. Ive managed to find a few places that were hiring, but never even got a call back from any of them. Still in the early stages i was optimistic. At first it was kinda nice to sit around and do nothing, play video game, watch movies, play with the dogs. And house work is alot easier then working in a kitchen for slave driver bosses haha. But after a while the monotony and lack of money really started to get to me. What little money i do have is put toward rent and sparse groceries. I had to cancel my car insurance, so i cant even drive my own car anymore, and my gym membership. Thank goodness for my roomies and friends. Not working isnt bad but not being able to go anywhere or do anything really sucks, especially considering my age. Im energetic and outgoing. I HATE being stuck in the house all the time!!!! I got desperate and started doing things i never thought i would do. Online survey sites. While there are still a couple i frequent (mostly out of boredom, and one has cool games you can gamble your “points” on) it would take me years to make like ten bucks off them. However, i stumbled across a diamond in the rough. I found a site that i could actually make money off of. Real money. Im a very skeptical person when it comes to this online stuff so i did my research. I found that it was completly legit and legal and it doesnt cost a cent, so i figured hey what do i have to lose? To register the only information they ask is your email, name, address, and phone number. I have yet to receive any mail or phone calls or texts from them. However, i have made money! Not much. But enough to harbor a flicker of hope in this system. It really does work. I wont burden you with a full description of how exactly it works (you can check out the site for a full explanation, the link is at the bottom), but it does. It only requires ten minutes a day, and even then thats just a recommendation. You can put as much or as little time into it as you please. Aside from money, you also accumulate points towards redeemable prizes, and entries into a weekly lottery. And you could potentially make alot of money off of it. Im talking 6 figures. Is that likely to happen? No prolly not. But it would not be at all difficult to make two, three, four hundred extra bucks a month. To me that is a godsend. And even if you do have a steady job, who doesnt want some extra cash for gas or groceries. Free up some of your hard earned dollars to do some fun stuff. If you dismiss this as a scam, i get it. If i wasnt so desperate i woulda never given it a second thought myself haha. But for every cloud there is a silver lining. And this is some serious silver lining. So take 5 minutes and check it out. It wont cost you a thing and it could gain you alot. It would help me out a great deal and with a very little bit of effort it could help you too. What do you have to lose?


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