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Call of the Dead

Sup again people out there. I am a gamer. And like any good gamer i play Call of Duty. And like any good COD fan i got the new pack within minutes of it releasing. And ive been hooked on the new zombie map, Call of the Dead ever since. But damn am i stuck. This one kinda has a story line to it. Also, mp zombies and single player zombies have different progression. This article deals with mp zombies only So before i go any further SPOILER ALERT! If you havent got it yet or played it yet and dont want the surprise ruined for you, read no further. For the rest of you, i could really use some feedback if youve got it. And for anyone who might be looking for help ill give you what ive already figured out. The first step isnt really anything unusual for a zombie map. Turn on the power. From the spawn remove the debris to your right down the path to get to the aft section of the ship. The power switch is in the bridge on the top deck. However, you will see the developers first new twist immediately. Zombie George Romero. Georgey isnt really much of a problem. He moves with all the speed of a glacier and follows you around the map asking for a lunch date. But if you shoot him, stab him, or bump into him he turns into pissed off George Romero and runs after you and beats you with the stage light he wields as a club. This still isnt a really big problem, unless your up to your eyebrows in zombies, then it gets a bit hariy. But to calm him down simply get him into the water. Just make sure you yourself dont stay in the water too long or youll freeze. Once you have the power on head back to the start point and move toward the¬†lighthouse. Clear the debris in the cave and head up the stairs. You should note that once youve cleared the debris in the cave, there is a springboard on the second highest deck of the ship that will launch you to the base of the lighthouse. So once your at the base of the lighthouse head down the stairs to the bottom floor where you will find a metal door. Behind this door are the original zombie characters. Knife the door and, after some dialogue, they will ask you to find a fuse. This fuse is up the steps in one of three places. On the desk next to the PhD flopper, on the desk with all the car batteries, or leaning up against the side of the grey cabinet. Pick it up and take it back down to the steel door and put it in the slot next to the door. During the ensuing dialogue, Nikoli will trip some kind of security system and they will ask you to disarm it by blowing up 4 glowing red boxes. This can be accomplished with any kind of explosive, however it can all be accomplished with grenades so i wouldnt recommend suckin the box dry for some kind of explosive weapon, seein as how theyre pretty ineffective against the zombies. The first box is in the same room as the metal door. There is also one inbetween the two sections of the ship, one off the starboard (right if your facing the bow) side of the aft part of the ship. Position yourself on the right side of the lifeboat and look down and right and youll see it. The last one is behind the lighthouse. You CAN hit it from the top of the lighthouse however if you unlock the path to get¬†to the bottom and unlock the door to get to the building behind it you can also toss a nade out the boarded up window in the back of that building, a much easier throw. Make sure you cook the nades properly, cause with the exception of the one next to the steel door, the rest are in water and the grenade wont blow if it gets wet. Once you get all four head back to the door and trigger the next set of dialogue. In it they will ask you to find them a bottle of vodka. Its location can vary but i have always found it in one of four spots, always embedded in ice on a railing that overhangs another path you can access. The first two are easy. When you walk out of the building with the steel door headed back up to the top it will either be on the railing above you, next to the box location, or on the stairs right next to you. The next spot is on the aft section of the ship, between the first set of staris and that big crate. The last spot is on the same part of the ship, on the railing outside the room with all the tables on the section of broken walkway with debris to be cleared. Gettin the vodka requires some teamwork and co-ordination but its not really difficult. One person must knive the vodka while another person stands below and catches it. Once you have it take it back to the steel door. To the left of the steel door you will see a set of air tubes, like the ones they use at banks. Put it in there and they will get it. In the next set of dialogue Richtofen will ask you to find him a “shiny, golden, rod” ans says something about it having fingers. This is where im hung up. My friends and i cant find it anywhere and no advice weve been able to find has helped. We were not able to blast a hole in the cave wall, we did manage to get rid of George once but were unable to take his stage light. Weve done all sorts of messing with the dial in the lighthouse to no avail. Were comin up blank. We have found scraps of paper across the map that seem to be pieces of the poster next to the steel door but cant seem to do anything with them. We have hit a dead end. No pun intended. We made it to level 18 last night and spent prolly hours messing with shit to try and find this rod. So if anyone could shed any light on this topic id greatly appreciate it. Oh one last thing. There are three rocks to trigger the zombie song, by avenged sevenfold this time (nice). One is on top one of the kegs where you start, one is on the ship in the room with all the tables on a bench in one of the booths, and the last one is in the same room you find the fuse in, under the table that has the clock on it. Thanks in advance for any advice, and if this helped you at all i am very glad to do so.